The advent of internet technology has seen the growth of insatiable demand for information. The ease of access to online has made the internet the first stop for by scholars, students and all types of consumers whenever they need information. In turn, this is good news for those with expertise in any field. Freelance writing jobs are among the fastest growing online money making venture. Also, each quality essay writer try to find perfect job. If you are an expert in a particular area and also have a knack for writing, you can now create a constant stream of income through online writing. You can make the main source of livelihood or use it as a part-time gig to complement your income.

If you are looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners, there are several options in the industry. Here are some of these jobs to get you started:

  1. Article Writing
  2. As more people go online for information, businesses and organizations have to up their game by providing such information. Consumers are looking for product details before making purchases and such information. For website owners to attract quality traffic to their platforms, they require the services of expert writers and this is where your services come in handy.

  3. Web Content
  4. Websites are an integral part of online marketing. As more people build websites, the demand for high-quality web content continues. As a web content writer, it is your job to create content for all pages on a website including the home page, product descriptions, about us pages among others. To prosper at these freelance writing jobs, you need to understand your client’s needs to come up with suitable content for their website.

  5. Academic Writing
  6. These jobs include essay writing, homework assistance, assignments among others. Your clients will request for custom content which you will then write based on your expertise in a specific subject.

  7. Features Writer
  8. As a features writer, your job is to provide relevant content to newspapers, magazines, and other online news outlets. You need to be on the lookout for anything that might interest readers and submit it to news outlets. These features can vary from human interest stories, celebrity interviews, and new perspectives on major news stories.

  9. Press Release Writing
  10. Businesses and individuals alike require press releases to attract attention to their products and services. If a company has a new product, for instance, they need somebody to write an interesting piece to announce this. Your job is to come up with content that arouses the interest of readers when they start reading such content on their news feeds.

  11. Blogging
  12. Blogging is crucial for all website owners and it offers the best place for people looking for freelance writing gigs. All websites now come with a blog section and the fact that internet users crave for information makes blog content crucial to attract customers. As a blogger, you can pick the type of content you wish to write and create a name in a particular niche.

There are many other gigs including freelance writing jobs for teens. From advertising copy, white papers, technical writing, e-book writing, FAQ’s writing, business documents writing to speech writing, there is no shortage of freelance writing opportunities. With thesis helpers you won’t have to worry about your dissertation.

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