At times, you might opt to transit from one career to another because of some underlying reasons. Perhaps, a career change may always come because of passion for another job, little payments in the current position, or any other alternative. Moving from one career to another is sometimes unbearable for some persons. It is more than a smooth transition because you will always require time to adapt to the new career path. One of the common transitions is when one changes from his career, for instance, a nurse into a full-time writer. Many people are slowly making such transitions while considering full-time writing as a better option with endless opportunities. If you are also in the same bracket of transitioning from your career into full-time writing, you must understand some of the few necessities or basics. Changing your career path into full-time writing takes time, and it is essential to understand what it takes and how it takes to transform from the career into writing. Some of the strategies to get you into full-time writing within three months include:

Start with it as a side hustle

Instead of an immediate transition into full-time writing, you can always consider starting freelance writing alongside your career. It is just a way of starting small. Usually, you do not need to know much about freelancing, and instead, you should always be on your toes to learn everything faster and understand everything you will require within your freelance writing journey. Once you have mastered freelancing art, you can always transit slowly by slowly and day after day until you become a real full-time freelance writer. After doing so, the central area of focus is figuring out you should build your freelance writing portfolio. Building your portfolio calls for the following:

Understand the kind of writing you want

There are many writing gigs, and each of them lies within a specific field. Therefore, you must identify yourself with these writing gigs and know some of the best areas you find suitable for you. For instance, you can be a copy editor, a writer of ads, or perform a set of related roles simultaneously. 

Understand what you want to write about

It is also essential to understand the areas you want to major your writing. There are many writing areas, and therefore, extensive research on these areas will always help you achieve what you desire through a specific field. 

Prepare captivating content and share it on your website, LinkedIn, or Medium

It all starts with a simple step of preparing a few sample articles and sharing them on your websites. If you don’t have a website, you don’t need to worry because you can always share your articles on some of the most renowned platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn. A better option is to adopt the writing styles of other expert writers but to produce original work.   

Let an experienced writer check out your portfolio

Many writers have significant experience, and therefore, inviting them to check on your portfolio might help a great deal. You will understand what to omit from your portfolio and what to add to it with such experts. 

Write better

One of the critical steps to establishing your capabilities in full-time writing is your willingness to write better. If you find it difficult to write better, you will always have difficulty through your new career. However, you can incorporate some of the software to polish your writing and make it even better. The ability to write better will always afford you a range of opportunities to enjoy. Focus on writing better and work around the clock to achieve the best.


Freelance writing is one of the current gigs everyone desires to undertake. Everyone is in for freelancing because it comes with a range of opportunities absent with other job careers. You are your boss, and therefore, you work around the clock according to your writing gigs and make enough cash.  Therefore, transiting from a career into full-time writing might take some time or even demand some set of skills. You can always consider traversing slowly by working on your career and freelance writing as a side hustle. While doing so, you can always consider learning some of the basics you require in freelancing, and once you have done it enough, you can view a complete transition.

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